All Black Everything.

Finally the long weekend rolls around and I'm back in bed. The Talent show at my school was amazingly successful. Everyone that performed tonight were each amazing... But besides leadership helping out backstage and upfront , or the people that performed tonight, biggest WOW goes to stage crew. You guys pulled it together so well. ♥ Love it. Pictures and videos probably coming up in the next post, but my day at church was a good one, with a new pastor today with a really good sermon, enlightened the crowd. 
After the coarse of a day, I went home and thought about friendships. Whether with ex best friends, frenemies and ex boyfriends. Are they worth keeping? 
A quote says, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
Must be the most fake thing I have ever heard. Why stay close to someone or friends with anybody who will constantly urk you and hit your boiling point? 
Think About It. 
Have a Happy Saturday! 

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