Be Mine...

My day was good. Though, I didn't have a valentine (as usual!) this year, I had a pretty good day. I couldnt help but think about the guy that I used to talk to... The fact that we ended a week before Valentines day... Oh well, as my mother says... "Everything Happens For A Reason"
The night prior, some members of leadership and I stayed behind till about 7:30 organizing the valentines day sales - (blowing up balloons, counting money, locating stuffed animals, etc) I got to school around 6:50 this morning to help again distribute roses, cards,balloons, etc. Besides tests and usual classes, I had dress rehearsal for the Talent Show once more. Went actually pretty smooth. I'm hoping for great results tomorrow! Besides the people that are showing their talent, Leadership and especially stage crew all have been working really hard to get this show on the road! I hope everything works out, whether its the lights, the music, the dances, or my vocal range.. 
Another late night, Better get to the books! 
Happy Thursday! 

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