1. My sister, holding up some of her birthday money...
2. The start of my new hat collection... 
3. My sister and I at Party City, her picking up her birthday balloon 
4. Some new temporary purple hair color spray 
5. My two foster kids, Oneasha and Tristian 

Today, I broke down. After attending piano lessons and making a few mistakes in front of my piano teacher, she scolded me for a lack of practice. It sucks on me, because I keep coming with unfulfilled lessons, though this week I DID in fact practice. I was confident and everything was just broken down in front of her. Hard work gone to waste. And that's the number one thing that I hate. Seeing all my hard work being criticized  destroyed or fail before me. Like working your hardest throughout a semester, and getting a bad grade in the end due to a small thing. Or, a dancer who spent hours everyday and years giving her life and mastering ballet and messing up on a very important audition or performance. Or a celebrity cracking on a note during half-time in the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, I could always practice longer and harder. Despite the tears shed today.. I will get better. I think what broke me down was the fact of my grades in school. How every instructor is saying, I was my best last year and this year I'm going down or "What happened this year Annie?" My grades and education is really important to me and I like working everything to my hardest. Maybe it is me and my procrastination or my flaws in what I do - learning wise. I will have to make a note of that. If I want to accomplish everything I want in life, I will have to work harder.

I hope you had a Happy Sunday!

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