Respect For All.

Happy Saturday Readers! 
Today was my church's Black History Month Event which worked out pretty successfully. 
As I got home I thought about the changes made through time. Whether it was the underground railroad, or Martin Luther King's speech... or the changes more present, such as Barack Obama being reelected, or 2012 thing being a lie. (as I suspected.) Then I thought of bad things, Although bad things happen, as selfish as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. For instance, the 9/11 attack made America or other places boost up security, or, Hurricane Sandy helped east coasters more aware that hurricanes aren't simply limited to the West. or the shooting in Connecticut helped schools realize the dangers of the world and review safety protocol. In my life, People in the church whom I used to be so close to, it all faded out for me. At first I was puzzled, lost, and sad. People I called best friends no longer were by my side for what ever reason. I had to be independent and I felt like I was on my own. But as time progresses, situations like that helps a person - helped ME open my eyes to see the people who will be there for me throughout - rather than those(so called friends) who'll simply follow others and act a way towards you one day. And despite that, I made new friends, bonded closer with old friends. And I like it much better. I don't feel like I'm being judged anymore. I don't feel like I have to hold back from saying something. Some bad changes, are good. 
Today we had a sermon at my church about names. Names that others give us, names we give ourselves. 
"Diva" "Nigga" "PlayBoy" "Selfish" "You're just like your father/mother" "Gangsta" "Womanizer" 
We don't realize that these names are just destroying us. If someone gives you a name, or if you name yourself,  you eventually start living up it. 
Narcissism - shows low self esteem. Basically these names - show that you are jealous of others and think others are jealous of you. Names can destroy you and you don't even realize it. 
Names, creates consistency , consistency creates character.
If a person gossips consistently, she/he is a gossiper.
If a person hates consistently, she or he is a hater. 
We need to look within ourselves. Certain names, where just there to destroy us. Calling someone a failure , a loser, retarded - It stunts their growth. 
Don't keep yourself from growing. Let God transform you.
2 Corinthians 9:10

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