DIY elbow patch cardigan/ sweater

What you will need;
>Sweater/ Piece of clothing material
>Elbow Patch 
>Printer Paper.
1. Turn on the iron, put it at a high temperature. 
2.Put your garment on. Find where your elbow is on the sleeve, and make a mark with your permanent marker. 
3. When the iron is hot, place the elbow patch on the marked spot.
4. Place the printing paper on top of the elbow patch. 

5. Place the iron on top of the printing paper for about 30 seconds, You can move the iron around when the 30 seconds is up, so the elbow patch will remain secure. 
6. Remove the printing paper and leave the elbow patch to cool for about an additional 30 seconds. 
7. Feel around the patch to make sure it is secure. If not, Repeat the process on a lower heat. 

And Wala! Elbow patch ANYTHING. 

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