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I woke this morning and while trying to save the photos yesterday, my flash card broke on the "LOCK" button. So basically the lock switch was .. broken.  Damp in my day. So mind the quality of these photos today. And speaking of which, today I wore a plain outfit. Comment if you want to know the best place to get these velvet leggings at a great price! I am the type of person who shops smart. People ask me if I shop at Urban Outfitters or American Apparel. I shake my head no. Though I WANT to shop at those store ever so desperately I stick to thrift stores and online stores. As well as the nearest forever 21, H&M, and my absolute favorite, Necessary Clothing. But besides that, there are so many ways to look great and think smart with your money. I know tons of sites with great clothes at great prices. Always budget.
Hah, I'm talking like an ATM machine. Anywhoo, while in the car this morning I thought of more things that truly inspire me. Rather than adding it to my last post, I composed yet another paragraph. Don't mind the babbling coming from this end of the computer!

Inspirational Thought
I am deeply inspired by poems that are metaphors - They have double meanings, where one thing represents the other. For instance in my poem "Circus of My Misfortune" The lion and the lion tamer represented a woman in a domesticated violence relationship with her husband. She would stay in the relationship because she thinks of the wonderful times they had before, hoping things will change and go back to it if she just stops messing up, stays, and try to please him.  But after a while it comes to a point where she cant see the  joy anymore or the past of the pleasant times. Its all gone as well as her hope and she is trapped. In "Broken Glass" another metaphor was the comparison of a tapping the glass to a tank of a fish in an aquarium to a person's boiling point being poked at. When you go to a zoo or an aquarium, both have signs that say "Don't touch the glass it disturbs the animals" or "Don't tap the glass, it disturbs the fish" The metaphor stated was disturbing someone at their breaking point. Me, personally, I usually bottle emotions inside of me due to the negligence of society. (I mean I'm not going to front, there are people I trust and tell secrets to or emotions but the poem spoke of having to act like things are okay because those that have hurt you are "watching you" )So! I was the fish, the bottled emotions were the glass wall that I constantly made higher and higher. The people are pretty self explanatory. The pollution represented emotions and the shit people have done to me that conjured up my feelings. The waters; clear vs black, were me either showing my feelings, the pollution (polluted waters) or hiding them - taking it in and making it clear. The banging on the wall was breaking me at my boiling point. And last, the man who took me to the aquarium represented my conscience saying, "Hey no one cares, bottle your emotions in" So Yeah, big fan on the metaphoric poems and double meanings.

Then I began writing this stanza,
Inspired by Corruption
Walking on Rebellion
Pressured by Society 
Brainwashed by the Media. 

Off topic, My inspirations also include California Palm trees, old fashioned cars from the 60's, the bold colors of the carnivals/festivals/fairs. Speaking of colors, I love the imagery of nature - leaves, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. I love sights of postal mailboxes, traffic lights, and walk signs. Fashion from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's inspire me A LOT and impact my style now. I love the shows and channels from the early 2000's and 90's and beyond, and old movies such as Disney classics or Grease or Breakfast Club. I feel like the old times were better. I love thrift stores. I started shopping at thrift stores way before it became popular. (lol, so proud to say that) I love dark shaded lipsticks, the smell of mowed lawns, grunge, daisies, sunflowers, Egyptian art, pyramids, songs with a sweet piano medley  city landscape, and high socks.
Oh my, That was a lot. Mind the Babble.

Oh I just found another flash card in my room. Yes! I'm saved for the week! My Sunday-Just Made. Ugh
I hope you guys have a happy Sunday!

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