Sheer Sleeves Bold Dreams

Another Saturday filled with a day of church. Happy Sabbath readers! The weather was actually fairly calm today. I'm shocked. Yet it was one of those days, where the sun is shining bright, you can feel the pleasant warmth of the rays on your face, yet you are getting goosebumps and your fingers are turning numb. That type of weather, I'm confused about. Especially fashion wise. What do I wear to weather like that? I figured a short sleeve shirt with a sweater and a scarf will serve you perfectly. Look at me, ranting on the weather.
Overall today was a good day. I finished drawing a few sketches of a pair of creepers and a girls upper chest and of course I went to church. I'm going to start reading more parts of the bible to figure myself out and God. Seek Him first always. Have a good Saturday Readers!

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