Pumped Up Knits

I didn't realize it was going to snow this hard. I'm still shocked. I walked out of my high school with some friends of mines, I was amazed on how quickly and forcefully the snow was sticking on the ground! I was prepared though! I wore a knit sweater with a denim shirt underneath, as well as a pair of striped leggings and my burgundy polo boots, outfit inspired by Paola.  I attended both my musical rehearsal and cheer leading practice today, which both went smoothly. A few good things that occurred today was; my recruition from my principal to be in the school's fashion show, and an invitation to sing at my school's Silent Auction by my leadership teacher. I hope to be able to attend both and partake in both. My leadership teacher were telling us the requirements to be able to run for board this year. I really want to partake in it. I want to run for school secretary, and if it means staying up late doing all homework and studying and being the best I can be, its defiantly worth it. Especially since it will be my junior year, good grades, community service, and being on board will look great in my college applications. Hoping for the best here!
Finished an artwork while board in class today.

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