Louder Than Thunder.

As the unnecessary traces of winter melted this morning, the sun came out and shining bright as was absolutely amazing. The weather was just perfect - a highlight to the end of the week. My day was great. Our church's Woman's Ministry event continued today. Though I forgot the name of the pastor, her sermon was great. It was titled "You May Now Kiss the Bride" I want to work on a poem inspired from it, you guys will see it in a few short posts.
I spent my Saturday with my two friends Deange and Paola.
They are so incapably photogenic. Love it,
Off topic
I haven't taken the time and actually typed paragraphs on this like I used to. Whether it was actual homework or simple procrastination on Tumblr. It feels good to sit back, crack fingers and just type away. 
So here's what has been up, 
STRESS-I know this year will be horribly stressful, cheerleading, contributing and working my butt off for school activities such as memorizing lines for Hairspray the Musical, auditioning and strutting down the lane in the Fashion show, Homework that will need to get done, Studying for regions, practicing with the praise team, fulfilling all the duties of the master guide class, working adventure and pathfinder, as well as planning trips and socials for my church. Its rather much, but if I can handle it all this year, I can do anything. Another issue of mine was also fitting my music lessons - piano in. 
Piano, I felt I was loosing ground with. I don't like it as much as I used to because it has become a chore rather than a hobby. This chore has been procrastinated on and slacked on due to the simple fact of not wanting to. And after much discussion, I finally convinced my mother to allow me to take a 3-4 month break from it. I need time for my studies and my planning and so forth. I don't want to constantly cancel lessons due to master guide events, and come, giving half -ass performances. I'm glad my mother finally understood the stress. 
Love Life - HAH. "Off with their heads!" No, nothing yet. My feelings for Joseph, I feel are gone yet still here. The memories that I cant let go, the what ifs. I act as if its all good, and even I start to believe myself after a while...  But I doubt I am as real with myself as I am pushing so hard to be. I have been uninspired to write. That's when it hit me. I am deeply inspired by love. The elusive nature of it. What it commands of You, its general concept - everything about Love.  Even the hard times, where my emotions come out the strongest. Since there has been no love lately, I noticed I haven't been writing. I'm living the life of Taylor Swift! Ha! 
Thoughts: I have been thinking about the summer time. My goals are to get a job at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters in the city when I finally turn 16, take a few art classes for credits at my school, and launch my fashion line. If lucky, I want to try to get a fashion internship somewhere. I want knowledge and experience. 
I hope you are having a beautiful Saturday! 

I want to start a new thing where I share with you a few of my weekly inspirations , 

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