Eccentric Soul. Boring Environment.

Dressed in all white, floral turbans, hanging out with a best friend and Starbucks. The sum of a perfect summer day. Yet its still horribly cold outside. I truly don't understand New York's weather. I need some California or Florida weather to swing on over here. I think I am in denial. I continue to dress as if its hot outside yet I know its cold. Even my body feels the "heat" though the heat is not present. My body, My soul, I am in denial that spring weather isn't here. Ugh, I also hate when there are those one days in March where you get optimistic and then the snow comes back. I'm waiting for the weather to match my outfit.
I actually tried something different today with tying my turban.. You like?
I hope the weather is great on your side. Have a good Wednesday ! :).

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