Ode to HUF: One of the socks I ordered came in the mail a few days prior, I was anxious to slip them on. Ugh, they are soft and comfortable... I didn't expect that for some reason...
ANYWAY. I spent my morning running to Party City then decorating my dining room. My sister and her friends planned to throw two of their friends (twins) named Regine and Jenee a surprise party since they didn't get to do anything a few months ago, in September due to the lack of money after starting school. I think its a great gesture. My sister and I covered the dining room entrances with sheets and told them my father was working on something inside when they arrived. Marsha and her friends went out to the mall to go buy time. I will have to finish the decorations (The twins arrived early!) I expect today to be filled with excitement and love. I cant wait for later on.
Oh and my outfit. Yo. I feel very very comfortable and warm though its practically snowing outside. I feel very earthly with the greens, creams, and browns. Love these leather shorts.. I have to search for one in Black or Burgundy.
I hope you guys have a happy Monday!


  1. I want those socks! But not that color. I loveeeeeee the colors though. Did you REDO your hair already??

  2. Yeah I bought only 3 of them so far. Starting a collection.
    Nah I didnt redo it yet,
    Thank You


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