Moving Forward

Made my day just now,

Ugh, My friend Sheena and I went through emotional issues with our past "boyfriends" in the matter of a day. In my situation, The guy that I was talking to/going steady with, (basically the only boy shown in the past photos) basically played me in the past and tried to do it again. I stopped it before happening. I thought we could make things work, because I am a forgiving person and I like moving forward rather than being stuck on the past, but people don't change nor do they realize their mistakes/ what they are doing wrong until its too late. I believe that in the past he did have genuine feelings for me. But now. I cant see the joy of the past. The love wasn't real if there was another girl on the side the whole time. Tell me, if you and your boyfriend went on a break due to the hassle of a girl, and after a month or two, after trying to make things work with you, hes still talking to that girl in that way or doing physical things with her,- how does that look on you? I'm sorry if I'm just ranting. Due to the type of person he was, I expected it.. I'm not as hurt as I thought I would be. That night I listened to a load of gospel music. One titled, Moving Forward - relevant to today's entry title. And now I'm better. It feels good. 

You can listen to it here 

I hope you have had a good day today! 


  1. I'm going through the same situation with the guy i'm talking to !

  2. Ugh some guys can be such douches! Move on, you've got amazing style between and I love your blog!xx

    1. Thank You. Ugh its its hard but I will try to. It is whats best for my own sanity ! Ugh


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