So Good To Be Home ...

My Beautiful friend Rebecca, - Photogenic as usual.  <3 <3
Colorblocking teals with navy blue. I taught her well! :)

My 3 locas. I've been with these girls since before i could remember, I love them each so much. 

Autumn is coming! I loved this outfit asemble. A solid dress paired with a pair of high socks and wedge booties. I absolutely love this dress. I love dresses that twirl and fits in all the right places.
 This dress is most definitely one of those dresses in which twirling is not only necessary but instinctual. My inner fairy princess comes out to play and I really cannot help it.
I got this dress at Forever 21 for only 15 bucks. Great find. 
Advice? Don't go everywhere looking for expensive dresses! Some finds are great! 
Dont get things that have a whole bunch of patterns that are in now. 
Trends change. Solids stay - Throughout generations. 

Shoes -Necessary Clothing 

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