Autumn Is Coming!

Fall Photos 2011

Outfit I missed Last week! :) 

The week is over and again is starting! Time flies
I had a decent week over all , I'm very excited for October. It (and November) is my favorite months. This is where the leaves turns colors and drops to the floor... The temperature gets cold, but not too cold. I start feeling nostalgic. I love the vibes, the atmosphere, and how giddy i get at the month. The photography shots are always on point and the world looks so warm and inviting! I cant wait to change the blankets from sheets to fuzzy comforters, help my dad with the yard work, and watch as the  layers of clothing pile on. I always found it interesting how people change from tank tops to sweaters to hoodies to coats. This month , i want to go pumpkin picking and apple picking. I truly love caramel apples, so that is something i defiantly want to make.

My Outfits of This week 
9/24 - 9/28

The change of seasons has defiantly had me lusting after Fall essentials that I'm dying to fill my closet with. I have compiled a list of wants for Fall.

First off! The Shoes! I'm in love. The colors I'm trying to focus on, are neutral colors like Black and different shades of brown (chestnut, taupe)
Necessary Clothing has created and lowered the prices of the shoes that I NEED this fall.
Hopefully, I will be able to get at least 4 of these by next weekend

Have a happy Sunday! :) 

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