WTF - Short School Week :)

I'm so glad that this week was a short one!
I've been so tired lately, My sleeping pattern is completely on point!
I have been getting so tired around 9. Its crazy.

Nothing like a pair of moccasins on a rainy day...
I love this blurred shot!

I added white high socks and jewelry pieces to this, 
Great outfit over all 
Black Pullover - Forever 21
Leather Shorts - Forever 21
Burgundy Polo Boots 

Nothing like afterschool play, Too short to play basketball with the guys, So i chilled on the hoop :)

 This was a wierd mix, but it looked great together. -Love these pants
Tribal Pocketed Pants - Forever 21
Sheer Shirt- H&M
Burgundy Cardigan

 I actually really love this chain 

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