First Act of Leadership.

Today was a good day. My school had a club fair where students could learn and join clubs. It was a fun experience because it was my first year doing it as a Leader. (Leadership is a program that i really wanted to get into)

I didn't feel like everybody else. I felt good. In control. We sold school merchandise like school bracelets/bands, shirts, sweats and so forth. It was a great turn out and a great day over all!

Sadly, one of my favorite teachers got a higher position. Although she was one of the meanest, i really liked her. She made me feel good when i took the regents. As if it were a breeze! When i got her again this year, i was more than ecstatic  I am upset now that she got switched. But, i am happy for her. It is a position that she wanted. She asked for them not to switch our class , but hey, She had to go for it.
I'm gonna miss her.

Oh ! My hair! I found a scarf in my house and made my own turban wrap. I have been looking for how to do this hair style for a while now and I finally found it! The first time I did it, was pretty excessive, Why not start out with a bang? Haha,
See how to here!

Today i had to dress with Dozo Spirit! Our colors are blue and orange. I wore a thrifted blue oxford shirt, and an orange cardigan. I tucked them both into belted black harem pants and topped it off with taupe spiked flats.

Joe Fresh Cardigan
Second Hand Blue Oxford Shirt
Forever 21 Black harem pants
Spiked Flats

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