Away from the Noise

 I went on a journey to Camp Berkshire this weekend for church service and a parade.
It felt good to be away from the noise and distractions, But just in peace and serenity. One with Nature 

 Tried "Haystacks" It's a great mixture. of All kinds of healthy stuff. :)
How to Make Haystacks
Get A plate. 
First Step: Put corn chips and salad as the base 
Second Step: Put tortilla chips on top! 
Third Step:Top that with cheese
Forth Step: Spread baked beans on top 
Final Step: Add 2-3 spoons of sour cream. 
Wala! Haystack! 

Me and my friend Samuel. Complaining about the sun. 
 Camp Berkshire . Most nature filled place of the year/

Beautiful Angeline :) 

I love this lake. I really want to buy a lake house one day and just stay there for a couple weeks and write my heart out. 

Paired a plain blue oxford shirt with a gray maxi skirt. Something simple for the outdoors. :)

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