Career Day

Today i attended a career event in the Berean Center .
3  people came to talk about their careers and experiences,
A chef, a social worker and a nurse.
I really enjoyed this , and i liked that people asked questions and we all got a chance to interact with people that gone through a lot.

 The chef had elephantiasis, So he explained that people thought he was a freak and wasn't right to cook for others. But he got through that and followed his dreams. 

Here are some tips that  i jotted down for any of those confused about colleges or their own future

  • "You are YOU. You are not your mom. You aren't your dad or your friends. One day you're gonna realize it. There is a lot of people that hate their jobs. They have no choice. They have bills, kids. Though they make good money, They are not happy. When the time comes, You will have to live with YOU. Though someone might give you a career to take the better road, They aren't traveling that road with you. Be practical and do what makes you happy. "
  • Don't just go to college that specifies in one thing. You can change your mind anytime and then feel as if you wasted your time. Don't major in something specific.
  • Don't just take courses and expect you to get a job. There is a lot of competition out there.
  • Do your internships. References, Hookups and You've got the job.
  • Colleges don't help everyone. There are people that go to college and end up doing things that had nothing to do with what they started with.
  • There is a lot of people that haven't figured it out. You have time.
  • If you have a lot of talents . Your first two years, take internships and classes and courses on all of your interests. And you'll defiantly find a class where you're like "I love this class. I enjoy this class" and THAT'S the career you pursue.

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