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First day Back to school 
This year i really want to dress on point everyday, but not trying too hard. I like finding inspiration from people in my school, as well as the people around me. Whether friends or strangers, in a store or on the bus ride back home. 
Leather Shorts - Forever 21
Loose White Tank - Forever 21
Oversize Blue Oxford- GAP
Burgundy Polo Boots- Thrifted

My best friend Mitchell and I. 
I loved mixing polka dot, burgundy, and taupe.
The color blend was on point! 
Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21
Burgundy harem pants- Forever 21
Leather Bag- Thrifted
Spiked Flats- Necessary Clothing 

Offguard shot of me taken by Mitchell. 
Denim Shirt - Secondhand 
Tan paper bag shorts- Forever 21
Spiked Flats- Necessary Clothing 

My new friend Sheena and I. :) 
9/11 - Decided to support the day as we think back to the lives lost because of the attack. 
Highwaist pants -H&M
Denim Shirt - Secondhand 
American Flag Fringe Tank - Forever 21

I was inspired from an outfit i saw from Bonnie Barton's blog. 
Sheer Shirt- Forever 21
Paper Bag Shorts- Forever 21
Spiked Shoes- Necessary Clothing 
Bowtie- Handmade

Felt like wearing a dress on Friday! 
Paired off with burgandy socks and black mocassins 
Dress- Forever 21

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