When in Bagels

One of the things that inspire me are Bagel Shops. I love them so much. I love being in and around them. The smell, the organization, the style of it. I don't know, i just love it so much.
Yesterday, I came across one blog. I have to put it down somewhere. But i fell in love with it. The woman dresses so wonderfully and exactly the way i do this year. So she is defiantly my inspiration this year. My one problem is , that she hasn't posted in so long! I am now desperate for more ideas this year. My outfit today, came from one of her pictures. I paired my white sheer shirt, with a green DIY pleated skirt (DIY video coming soon!), a thrifted leather braided belt, and brown combat boots.
The skirt was pretty short, so no bending for me today! Haha

 We always end up matching! I love this kid! <3 
His name is Mitchell. He is one of my very close friends in this school. 

Forever 21 Sheer Shirt
Uniform Pleated Skirt
Soho Combat Boots 
White socks 

School has been good so far.

August and September were all a blur. Good stuff, bad stuff (mostly)... so much happened in so little time. A lot was going on in my personal life and I wasnt good with showing that in public so i continued to act happy. I was overwhelmed with fading friendships. I was dragging a "relationship" that was not working anymore. And between Pathfinder, Piano lessons making time for friends, I was accepting too much work and stupidly seeing my overbooked agenda as a badge of honor. Plus, this summer, i had no money to my name! I was overwhelmed and unhappy, until I decided it was time for me to eliminate things that were bringing me down. Pressure, stress, boredom, sadness... I couldn't deal with everything anymore. Sometimes, you have to think about what you really want and stop worrying about what other people want or expect from you. And this is exactly what I did. I rid myself of the guy that brought me down. I reconnected with old friends and met new ones. I got over old friendships. Now i am happy. School is great so far, i made the leadership program in my school and once again i start late. I made a best friend this summer as well. :) And i met someone new. Someone i can picture myself with! Sometimes, closed doors lead to new openings. But that is another story!

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